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Handi-Foam System Refill Kit

The Handi-Foam System Refill Kit has a low cost setup and gets you in the foam business with minimum equipment costs (no compressor required). Use nitrogen from your local supplier to propel the chemical through the SPF hoses, and equipment replacement parts are reasonably priced. Parts are reusable or disposable, keeping your costs down and within budget. Skid mounted tanks allow for easy moving with a forklift or pallet jack and replacement of refillable cylinders is a quick and painless process. Contact our customer service representatives today for additional information on the product.

The refillable foam systems are chemically cured, two-component polyurethane foam systems, packaged in refillable cylinders. These systems are designed for large construction applications, assembly line filling or any unique application that requires a balance between quality and affordability. Refillable systems are available in a variety of sizes and formulations to meet application and market requirements. The refillable foam systems dispensing equipment utilize the same patented Handi-Gun as our disposable foam kits, providing accurate and precise dispensing. Upgrading the refill dispensing equipment to the Magnum Heated hose provides improved temperature control and extended reach for increased flexibility.

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  • Crane and Labor Service Available on Request

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