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Impact of COVID: What the Experts say About Changes in the Construction Industry

Everyone’s life changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March of 2020. While the tristate area has dealt with all kinds of natural and man-made challenges in the past, including truly catastrophic events such as 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina, we’ve never dealt with a global pandemic before. That’s why it’s been so […]
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How to Use Value Engineering in Your Next Construction Project

Because the tristate is heavily populated and was so dramatically affected by the pandemic, contractors are facing some of the worst material shortages in decades. Many contractors in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are turning toward a concept called value engineering to solve problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Q4 U.S. Chamber […]
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What’s Going on with Commercial Building Supplies?

Americans are a pretty lucky bunch. As a rule, we are used to accessing everything we want, when we want it, however much we want, with few or no restrictions. However, even in the land of plenty, we occasionally experience issues with our supply chain. When COVID-19 hit, we knew our business would change, at […]
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Solving the Puzzle: How Contracting Best Practices Can Deliver Higher Profits

By The Profit Guys Contractors are constantly seeking the “solve the puzzle” to increase profit for their businesses.  It can be a never-ending journey. Maybe it’s time to identify the critical areas of opportunity in your contracting business and then become committed and focused on creating a way to exploit those opportunities. Managing the construction […]
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reliable building supplies

Can Contractors Improve Reliable Delivery of Building Supplies?

It’s official. These are tough times for contractors. The 2020 Q4 report from the U.S. Chamber of Commercial Construction Index reveals that 71% of contractors surveyed reported at least one material shortage. 31% of respondents cited a lack of lumber, 11% said they experienced scarcity in steel. And while unemployment rates are high, it’s hard […]
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Charting Your Path to Improved Performance

By “The Profit Guys” Strategic and Business Planning For Contractors and Builders If you haven’t developed a consistent and structured process to create a strategy and build a business plan, you’ll want to start NOW.  And if you have both a strategic plan and a business plan, the information below may help you improve them. […]
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Truck delivery to contractor site

On-Time Delivery Tips for Contractors and Builders

Nothing is more frustrating than sitting at a job site, stalled, waiting for a late delivery. Every builder and contractor in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut knows that time is, quite literally, money. When a builder wastes time on a job site, profits go down the drain. That’s why it’s so important to keep […]
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Contractors Utilize Rockfon Stone Wool to Create the Perfect Guest Experience

Acoustic design has a profound impact on how people feel in a space. It can help create excitement, focus the mind or even build intrigue. By considering a room’s purpose and the sounds that will fill it, you can influence the occupant’s experience. To support a positive environment, it is important to select building materials […]
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How Builders and Contractors Can Lead Their Companies to Reach Full Potential

A Metro Blog by “The Profit Guys” Professional Development Principles and Concepts You might be asking yourself, “why should I invest in professional development for the managers in my company?” FACT: It’s critically important because: Enhancing the business acumen and skills of the company’s leaders has a direct relationship with the company’s ability to succeed […]
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Utilizing Chicago Metallic Suspended Ceiling Grid to Create High-Performing Spaces

When it comes to creating a polished space, it’s important to have materials that elevate the design without complicating the installation. Reliable and easy to install, Metro Interior Distributions highly recommends Rockfon’s Chicago Metallic® suspension ceiling systems. By combining the ceiling grid with Rockfon stone wool tiles and panels, contractors and builders in the New […]
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