Johns Manville Corbond® Spray Foam In 55-Gallon Drums & Spray Gun Replacement Parts

Distributor/Supplier of Corbond 55-Gallon Drum Spray Foam & Fusion® Air-Purge (AP) Spray Gun Replacement Parts
Product Overview
Key Benefits
Johns Manville Corbond® Spray Foam 55-Gallon Drums contain rapid-curing, closed cell (MCS) or open cell polyurethane foam insulation that is specially formulated for a variety of applications. Corbond III, a high lift/high yield closed cell insulation, is also available. Each product includes both an A and B drum and is designed for easy application by contractors using Graco brand or alternate rig equipment. If you do not own such equipment, please go to Handi-Foam Spray Foam Insulation Kits or contact us for assistance.

These Corbond products feature a non-structural, two-component, low-density insulation that is 100% water blown. The products are designed for interior commercial, industrial and residential building applications and are ideal for high-performing energy efficient buildings.

Corbond Spray Foam can be used to fill walls, building envelopes, ceilings, floors, vented and unvented attics, and crawl spaces.
| Improves energy efficiency due to its superior sprayability
| Provides an effective air barrier
| Adds structural strength
| Minimizes sound transmission
| Generous processing window
| Exceptional adhesion
| Low application odor
We Carry Fusion® Air-Purge (AP) Gun Replacement Parts:
| O-Rings - Part Nos.

| Check Valves - Part Nos.
15B202 - spool valve
15B208 - air valve plug
15B565 - ball valve
246352 - "B" side check valve
246356 - fluid valve
246731 - "A" side check valve

| Side Seals - Part Nos.
248128 - Side seal O ring
246348/249990 - SST/polycarbolly side seal
246350/277296 - "B" side seal cartridge
246349/277297 - "A" side seal cartridge

| Mixing Chamber - Part Nos. - Available in various sizes and patterns
AR3737 - 0.037 orifice size
AR4242 - 0.042 orifice size (01)
AR4747 - 0.047 orifice size
AR5252 - 0.052 orifice size (02)
AR6060 - 0.060 orifice size (03)

| Hoses/Pins
117661 - pin vise
15B223 - clean-off air valve
15B772 - air hose
192272 - pin
Availability/Lead Time
| Metro is stocking distributor of Johns Manville Corbond Spray Foam in 55 Gallon Drums and Fusion® Air Purge (AP) Gun Replacement Parts. Contact us about delivery or pick-up from our Metro Showroom & Counter Sales Office at 175 Kennedy Drive in Hauppauge, NY. Metro serves the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, New York’s Hudson Valley and Capital Region, Pennsylvania and Delaware. National and international sales inquiries welcome. For inquiries outside of standard business hours (ET), call 631-521-6334.
Johns Manville Corbond Spray Foam 55-Gallon A and B Drums
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