XPS Insulation

An Overview of Owens Corning™ Foamular® XPS Rigid Foam Products
Product Overview
XPS Insulation, also known as Rigid Foam, is well-suited for a variety of commercial and residential applications. The lightweight, durable rigid foam panels are easy to install and provide a long-term, stable insulating performance. The rigid foam’s closed-cell properties also make it highly moisture resistance. Here is a quick overview of each XPS insulation product that Metro carries:
Foamular General Purpose XPS Insulation
 Foamular F-150-15 Type X – This product is is designed for general purpose exterior sheathing applications, and is available with R-values of R-5, R-7.5, and R-10 and in 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” widths. Compare to Dow® Styrofoam™ (widely known as Blue Board) UtilityFit™ .

Foamular F-250-25 Type IV – This product is ideally suited for the exterior of foundation walls, underslab for slab foundations, basement foundations, and crawl spaces. It’s available with R-values of R-5, R-7.5, and R-10 and in 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” widths. Compare to Dow® Styrofoam™ (widely known as Blue Board).

Foamular Insul-Drain® – This specialty product provides insulation and drainage for below grade foundation walls and features a high R-value, exceptional moisture resistance, and high compressive strength.

Foamular High Compressive Strength XPS Insulation
The Foamular® 400, 600 and 1000 compressive strength products are designed to withstand additional load-bearing, such as under slab, concrete floors, foundations, roadways and rail beds, plaza and parking decks, and for cold storage installations. Compare the Dow® Highload 40, Highload 60, and Highload 100 products to these Owens Corning products:
| Foamular F-400-40 Type VI
| Foamular F-600-60 psi Type VIi
| Foamular F-1000-100 psi Type V

Foamular Cavity Wall XPS Insulation
Foamular® CW-15 and CW-25 products provide an insulating performance of R-5 per inch, along with independently tested fire, moisture and air-leakage resistance. High R-CW Plus Type IV provides an R-value of 10 or more. All serve as smart alternatives to Dow CavityMateTM products.

Foamular CI-C XPS Wall Insulation
Foamular® CI-C XPS insulation is a closed-cell, moisture-resistant rigid foam board specifically designed to allow exterior coatings, such as stucco, stone, and EIFS applications, to properly adhere to the insulation. It was created for applications where Foamular F-250-25 Type IV insulation may not be suitable. CI-C, a Continuous Insulation under Coatings product, has a value of R-5 per inch and is available in 1” to 4” thickness.

Foamular XPS Roofing Insulation
Foamular® 404 and 604 XPS Insulation
products are produced through Owen Corning’s patented HYDROVAC® process. The insulation is installed directly over the roof membrane and protects it from physical damage, thermal stress and UV exposure. These roofing products also provide a stable R-value of R-5 per inch of thickness. Compare 604 XPS Insulation to Dow® PlazaMateTM.

Foamular® DuraPink and ThermaPink Insulation products protect single ply roofing systems, including metal roofs, with a stable R-value and high resistance to water absorption. Both products have performance ratings from UL and FM (Factory Mutual), including ASTM E108 Class A and wind uplift resistance classifications.

Owens CorningTM Insulation Accessories are also available from Metro, including QuietZone® Acoustic Caulk-UPS products and PROPINK® One Gun Foam.

Foamular® Lifetime Limited Warranty is available for the entire XPS product line and covers equivalent product replacement or the original purchase price.
Availability/Lead Time
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Owen Corning’s Foamular 250 XPS Insulation.
Owen Corning’s Foamular F1000 compressive strength insulation.
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