Rockfon® Ceiling Tile

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Product Overview
Metro Interiors is now stocking Rockfon ceiling tiles, as well as Chicago Metallic grid. As a part of ROCKWOOL group, Rockfon is known for AESTHETICS, QUALITY, AND PERFORMANCE, backed by an exceptional warranty. Call Metro today to find out how our COMPETITIVE PRICING can save you both time and money on your next project.
| High Sound Absorption: Rockfon is the only ceiling tile made with stone wool. Stone wool’s composition makes it highly sound absorptive, meaning it helps create an acoustically comfortable environment.
| Fire Resistance: As a non-combustible material, stone wool resists up to 2,150⁰F and does not produce significant smoke. With Class A Fire Performance, Rockfon stone wool tiles make a meaningful contribution to the fire safety of a building, ultimately keeping occupants safe.
| Humidity and Moisture Resistance: Due to the fact stone wool cannot absorb water or hold moisture, Rockfon ceiling tiles will not sag or fall out of the grid. They maintain their high performance for the life of the building, no matter how humid the climate.
| Aesthetics: Offering complete design freedom, stone wool delivers exceptional surface smoothness for a modern design. Rockfon ceiling solutions are available with concealed, semi-concealed and visible edges in various colors, shapes and sizes.
| Sustainability: Rockfon ceiling tiles are comprised of basalt rock, a resource available in nature in limitless supply, in combination with up to 43% recycled content.
| Indoor Environment: Rockfon acoustic ceiling panels are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for low VOC emissions.
| Cleanability:  Due to their smooth surface and durability, Rockfon ceilings can be vacuum cleaned and select product finishes allow for cleaning with a damp cloth and even steam cleaning. Additionally, our medical range is designed to allow cleaning with diluted disinfectants.
| Installation: Installing Rockfon panels is quick and simple. Their lightweight stone wool core makes them installer-friendly –– easy to transport, handle, cut and mount.
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Availability/Lead Time
| Metro is a true stocking distributor of this specialty item. Contact us about delivery or pick-up from our Metro Showroom & Counter Sales Office at 175 Kennedy Drive in Hauppauge, NY. Metro serves the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, New York’s Hudson Valley and Capital Region, Pennsylvania and Delaware. National and international sales inquiries welcome.

Pacific Smooth-White / Budget: $ / Good Acoustical Performance Artic Smooth-White / Budget: $ / Very Good Acoustical Performance Tropic Smooth-White / Budget: $$ / Excellent Acoustical Performance Koral Lightly Textured / Budget: $$$ / Excellent Acoustical Performance Sonar Lightly Textured / Budget: $$$ / Superb Acoustical Performance Alaska Smooth-White / Budget: $$$ / Superior Acoustical Performance
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