Roofing Insulation

An Overview of XPS and Polyiso Rigid Foam Products
Rigid Foam Insulation has come a long way in enhancing and protecting the life of a building’s roof. This is primarily due to the ever-increasing demand for greener building efficiencies, including better thermal maintenance and maximum water resistance. Both XPS and Polyiso Rigid Foam product lines are specially designed for use in Protected Roof Membrane Assemblies (PRMA). Here are some benefits of each type:
XPS Insulation
| Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation is installed directly over the roof membrane. One such product is Owen Corning’s Foamular® 604 XPS Insulation. Produced by Owen Corning’s patented HYDROVAC® process, this insulation protects the roof membrane from physical damage, thermal stress and UV exposure. The insulation also provides a stable R-value of R-5 per inch of thickness. In addition, the closed-cell content of this insulation greatly reduces the potential for water absorption. 
Polyiso Rigid Foam
| Polyiso Rigid Foam Insulation consists of a polyisocyanurate core available in a variety of facers, including foil, fiber, GC, and more. Polyiso also typically provides an R-value of R-7 to R-8 per inch of thickness. Hunter PanelTM polyiso products, which are manufactured using environmentally minded practices, are available in straight, tapered, beveled, and even vented panels. Among its brands: the H-Shield line, and Cool -Vent, a specialty product. The panels are specially designed to provide high-thermal continuous insulation with proper drainage, no matter what the roof’s pitch.
Availability/Lead Time
| Metro is a true stocking distributor of this specialty item. Contact us about delivery or pick-up from our Metro Showroom & Counter Sales Office at 175 Kennedy Drive in Hauppauge, NY. Metro serves the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, New York’s Hudson Valley and Capital Region, Pennsylvania and Delaware. National and international sales inquiries welcome.
Installation of Owen Corning’s Foamular® 604 XPS Insulation.
Installation of Hunter Panel Cool-Vent ventilated nailbase polyiso.
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